The Science Behind the

Patented X39 Patch

Meet the Inventor/CEO David Schmidt

LifeWave was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur and inventor David Schmidt.

Prior to 2004, David developed bladeless-turbine power generation systems and metal-combustion rocket engines. He reminds me of Iron Man!

While working with the US Navy on next generation mini-subs, David then began developing LifeWave technology, a new method for improving energy flow by activating your own body’s light and Lifewave was born with the Energy Enhancer patch.

In 2008, David turned his attention to the up-and-coming field of stem cells. He found that the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields has beneficial effects on stem cell function.

Research at the National University of Ireland demonstrated that indeed this was true for enhancing stem cell function in animals and humans.

As a result, over 70 global patents were issued on these medical devices.

David also investigated how wavelengths of light can improve certain peptides in the body, specifically GHK-Cu and AHK-Cu, and how these peptides improve healing and stem cell function.  This field of study is know as Photobiomodulation.

By 2018 David Schmidt and Lifewave had patented and introduced – his “Wearable Light Technology “ The  X39- Phototherapy Patch!

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About Heather Hiniker

Heather HinikeHeather Hiniker - Ascent Lifewave X399 Patches - Ascent Lifewave X399 PatchesHeather Hiniker has been a successful entrepreneur for most of her adult life. It wasn’t until Heather was diagnosed with a progressive and deteriorating autoimmune disease in 2007, that she found her true passion and path in cellular optimization methodologies. After attaining remission for her Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis with these holistic therapies, Heather opened what is now, one of the nation’s leading, human optimization centers, Ascent- Adaptation and Regeneration. Her vision is clearly reflected when visiting the Ascent facility in Newport Beach… it is no coincidence that her personal health struggles fuel her passion to share these cutting-edge technologies with the world.
Heather frequently speaks at and attends many local sports performance and endurance events. She has been quoted in Men’s Journal, The Orange County Register and Vice Magazine. She has also been a guest on numerous well-known podcasts. Heather is often referred to as a visionary, although she would disagree…. She simply believes she has “found her purpose and is grateful for the journey that has led her to do what she loves”.