GHK-Cu Copper Peptide

The human peptide GHK (glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine) has multiple biological actions, all of which, according to our current knowledge, appear to be health positive.

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GHK-Cu & Dr. Loren Pickart

Dr. Loren Pickart discovered GHK and many of its biological effects

BA Chemistry and Mathematics,
University of Minnesota

PhD Biochemistry,
University of California, San Francisco

Dr. Pickart’s original thesis is titled:
“A TriPeptide From Human Serum”
(June 1973)

Skin & Hair

GHK was first studied for wound healing (1983+) and later for its effects on skin and hair. In many controlled, peer-reviewed published articles, GHK was found to:

  • GHK tightened
    loose skin and thicken older skin
  • GHK reduced
    fine lines and depth of wrinkles
  • GHK reduced
    skin spots and lesions
  • GHK protected
    skin cells from UV radiation
  • GHK increased
    hair growth and thickness
  • GHK accelerated
    wound healing

Anti-Fast Growing Cells Actions

  • GHK topped the list
    of 1,309 bioactive compounds for Fast Growing COLON cells
  • GHK reset
    the PROGRAMMED CELL DEATH for aging cells
  • GHK inhibited
    NFKB p65 which is believed to promote fast growing cells
  • GHK Repaired
    damaged cells (47 genes up, 5 genes down)
  • GHK reset
    84 genes to inhibit fast growing cells

Lung Protection

  • GHK topped the list
    of 1,309 bioactive for chronic pulmonary issues.
  • GHK restored
    healthy function in lung cells
  • GHK protected
    lung cells from damage

Antioxidant / Anti-Inflammatory

  • GHK increased
  • GHK suppressed
    NFKB, a molecule which is believed to be a primary cause of aging
  • GHK completely
    blocked oxidation

Brain & Nerves

  • GHK altered expression of
    human genes important in neuron function with 408 UP and 230 DOWN
  • GHK induced
    strong Anti-Stress & Anti-Anger
  • GHK induced
    Anti-Discomfort Activity
  • GHK is now used for
    damaged spinal cords

Stem Cells & OTher Actions

  • GHK caused
    adult Stem Cells to start producing again
  • GHK produces
    more Stem Cells and resets Stem Cells to a younger, healthier state


  • Increased the healing of
    many tissues including skin, stomach, intestine lining, bone tissue.
  • Strongly chemo-attracted
    capillary cells, mast cells, and macrophages.
  • Strongly activated genes of
    the Ubiquitin proteasome system used for cell cleansing. (41 genes up, 1 gene down).
  • Blocked Locked Cortisone's
    anti-regeneration effects.
  • Suppressed the Insulin
    and insulin-like system that reduces lifespan in roundworms.
  • Reduced Fibrinogen synthesis
    Fibrinogen levels are the top predictor of cardiovascular heart disease.
  • Increased Myostatin
    gene expression 9.4 fold. Myostatin inhibits heart failure.

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